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I went in to visit a employment agency today to register with them.   They said they would need to do some aptitude testing which was fine with me.

They put me on a Sage test (accountancy software for those who don't know).  I had three major problems:

- The Sage version was from 1999 and will have virtually no baring on using the current program.

- When I went to answer questions I would, for example, try to click "Save" to save the record it had asked me to create and save and it would say "that is not part of the current task" and chuck be back to the main menu.  I would try again and even clicking on the menu item to get back to redo the task it would do it again.  And then marked my answers as Wrong! 

- Sometimes I pressed the menu button to get into the section to do the task and the completed entry or report etc would appear without me having to do the task they were requesting.  It marked those items as Correct!

Therefore I only managed to get 24% correct when I knew how to do about 80% and could have guessed another 10%. 



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