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You remember that I said my friend was due to propose to his girlfriend today?  Yeah, well it didn't go to plan.

He got to the place where we all meet for the sci-fi club and I asked him if he had the ring (which I'd dropped round the night before). 

He'd had it in his jacket pocket when he left the house.  IT WAS NO LONGER THERE.  An hour of retracing steps with me and another friend later and it was up to me to explain to his girlfriend why he would be giving her a joke shop ring rather than the one she was expecting.......

She's a keeper as she happened to have a ring of the right size that she owned in her bag and we used that one.  She also still said yes. 

I spent most of the hour of retracing his steps trying not to laugh at the situation as I knew the fiancee would find it a little funny too.

(p.s.  The ring was a Diamondeque one from QVC so wasn't expensive)

Edit: Someone posted regarding the rind being Diamondeque but its deleted for some reason.   The girlfriend especially wanted Diamondeque and didn't want an expensive ring.  She actually gave him a list of options from their range.
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