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So I've come down with a throat infection and I'm at home ill today. No point trying to make telephone calls when you can hardly be heard.

I went into the chemist in order to get some night nurse so that I can be better tommorow and go to work.

They've recently rearranged the shop to be more open and have therefore moved all the drugs they used to have behind the till on the shop floor. They are in cabinets but they are unlocked and the only adornment on them says "please close doors after use". There is nothing to say "pharmacist only, ask for assistance" or anything like that. To be fair they have also put all the painkillers, decongestants, plasters etc that used to be on the shop floor in there too.

So I go to get a packet of Night nurse out and the cashier starts shouting at me "CAN I HELP YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she does say "thank you for being understanding" at the end of the transaction but bloody hell! how about not being an asshole in the first place? How about investing in two signs saying to ask for assistance?

We go to the chemist because we need medicine... therefore patience is probably at an all time low... so don't be a douche about your own systems being uninformative.


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