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yeah! new house and the intenet is up finally!!!
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I seem to be allegric to loft insulation.

I was tired but ok over the weekend until about an hour after I did a loft run and pulled the remainder of the boxes from the loft so that we know what we have left to pack.  

so about 7.30 last night I feel like I've got the flu, am really congested and sneezy and feeling crappy.

This morning one of my glands in my neck is up and I feel like crap.  I also have a rash on my arms. 



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The Surveyor who was doing the mortgage valuation on our house was being a pain and asked for  a structural report on the house due to some surface cracking.

He got the report and refused to accept the structural engineers opinion.

We have now changed mortgagee and think - to be confirmed on Tuesday  - that the issue is over.  Through the grapevine it has been discovered that Nationwide have ordered the surveyors to deliberately be annoying and pernickaty about everything.  

It looks like Nationwide are trying not too lend too much money by chasing people away.  Wish they would just admit and say we dont want to give a mortgage thanks or raise their rates.


Jul. 25th, 2008 05:07 pm
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Ok.  I'm officially mortified.

Hubbys going to Alice Cooper gig tonight.

And he just said he was thinking about dressing up in the whole wig - leathers etc and go as Alice himself.



Jul. 14th, 2008 06:56 pm
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Its now 10 days since I started feeling crap.  

I still feel crap and have barely been out of bed on the weekends inbetween.  

Went to work today - mainly because otherwise they would have a way to once again screw me over regarding salary - and now practically have no voice.

and of course I'm going into tommorow.  anything short of throwing up will keep me away unless I get sent home by the bosses (and they wont).

Thing is I really need to be on top form this week/month as I have finally got my moving house stuff moving and need to get my driving licence (since I can hardly walk or concentrate for two minites driving is so not a good idea!) and have to get everything important signed up and in place by this weekend as the hubby is going to Brazil next week and won't be available to sign or agree anything.  We could be moving in as little as five weeks..... GAH. 
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I am very aware that I am sensitive to purfume and usually get a little wheezy when I smell a potent one on someone and make sure I don't sit next to them if I have a choice.

Today was different.

On the bus this morning I ran into three - yes, three - people who sat down near me that seemed to have used the whole of a bottle of perfume or colongne in a single sitting.  Even other people seemed to flinch when they got on or sat down.

Within seconds of one of them getting off another got on.  At one point one was in front of me and another behind me. 

Hence now I feel like I have pnuenomia and can hardly breathe, walk, or stand up. And am getting a migrane.  That is after three lots of allergy and decongestant pills and painkillers and anti-flamatorys.  

Whoever they are thanks for the lost friday night.  I was supposed to be out celebrating someone leaving/emigrating do. 
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http://www.tri-chem.co.uk/ - best website for fabric paints 

http://www.craftwiseuk.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Fabric_Paint_64.html - smaller sizes but cheaper.  Iron fixing

need to order and check - leave that up to Jo
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The builder who owns the house we want to buy has just taken 10 days to do a part ex valuation.... just to tell me they will only accept no less than a £120k difference in prices and without helping on the stamp duty.  

Which we told the estate agents originally that we could only go to £90k difference. 

Can I have my two weeks back now??????????????????????????


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Found the perfect house.
Put in an offer as soon as we could.
Someone else got there first and the builders cant make their mind up who to go with.


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In the UK we have a service that translates a text message into a verbal message for landlines.

One of my bosses uses it for jokes whilst stuck in traffic.  

He sent a few the other day, one of which was to my work phone number pretending to be a Dalek looking for finance to develop their technology so they could walk upstairs and exterminate more of the world population.

Would have been hilarous except BT took its time and it rang through after we had all gone home.

It became hysterical due the fact our phones divert at night to a directors mobile.  This director got the message and called another director saying they thought it was a threat and was going to phone the police.  Luckily   they were talked out of it.

*snigger*  I suddenly have a use for all those extra free texts I dont use normally.....

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If you dont have enough time to ensure your drivers know the routes inside out....  at least provide him with a map!  

The driver today took a 10 minite detour coz he missed the turning.

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Weve just started a new job and Im probably going to be expected to have a full report in two days.

So instead of working on that I spent half of Friday and half of today working on Scut work that any trained monkey could do.

And no doubt the same person will chew me out for not having a report together on the new matter.

I also got chewed out for answering the phone and it was very noisy in the background.... which wasn't my fault and I am always complaining about.  Not my fault it was the director of the company.... what was I supposed to do - not answer the phone and let it ring out coz the stupid asses in my office wont shut the hell up!!!!!!!!

Gah Gah Gah.

Doctor Who

May. 16th, 2008 09:47 pm
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Will they please stop using the same damn piece of music in every episode of the series??

Even worse its just a slight rewrite of one of the original H2G2 pieces, I think the radio show ending piece.

Hey, its BBS that did both so it may not even be a rewrite.

But after how ever many episodes its been so far I am really getting peeved with it.    
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I just got the quote for fixing my car.

only £2560.00.  on a car that is worth £3500.00

Chevy have decided to offer a goodwill gesture that if I will pay £780 they will cover the rest.

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Its really beginning to annoy me that people wont accept offers on houses even provisionally unless you have sold yours (STC).  

Surely then there are a whole chain of people that can't have their offers accepted due to not being sold... and probably in turn not accepting offers from unsold vendors.  its probably only making the market worse.

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If you feel unhappy about wearing low tops at your desk then dont wear them!!

Someone in my office keeps wearing a crossover top  with a sort of vest ruff in it.  Then spends all day with her hand pulling it up and holding it close to her chest so she doesnt show her bosom.

If you are gonna do that just dont wear it.  You only highlight how low it is by doing that!!

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You probably keep getting a message pop up telling you you have to upgrade.  

That takes to you the buying versions of the software.  If you want the free version it is available at:  http://www.avg.co.uk/uk.product-avg-anti-virus-free-edition#tba2

Its bloody hard to find as they are to busy trying to get you to pay for it.

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Every TV show seems to have a Baby episode lately. 

one of those chouchy-chouchy- coo- isn't-the-baby cute themed ones.

huh hum.  Not everyone wants to get preggers...  really.... honestly.... 

one baby is hard enough and that one is 36!  

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when the traffic on the road has only moved about 10 cars in 10 minites... dont keep peering at the paper timetable in the bus shelter to see if its magically changed since last  time you looked at it!

If there was no traffic I could *almost* understand it.  This guy did it around 6 times whilst we were waiting for the bus.  and the traffic on the road was virtually static the whole time.  Well I wonder why it hasn't arrived yet Mr stupid??

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