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1.  The bus is not your childs play toy.  Sit them in a seat and bloody stay there.  Don't allow them to change seats every five seconds. and wander up and down the stairs and give their toys to every one.

2.  If you get them out of the pushchair and they actually take up a seat then fold the damn pushchair up!  it is only supposed to take up a pushchair/wheelchair space when it is actually being used.  The other 5 mothers / wheelchair users who will be using the the pushchair as a chair will be grateful.

3.  Bring a dummy for young children who are prone to crying because they should have been home hours ago.  It may stop the rest of the passengers from trying to kill you or the child!

4.  Don't teach them the "press the bell" game.  The bell on the bus is only to let the driver know that someone wants to get off.  The reasons I don't want the children knowing this game is the following:
 a) They will try to press it all the damn time.  Children, especially toddlers, do not realise that a game only works for about 2 seconds of a 20 minite journey. 

b) When the first kid grows up and you teach the second kid the same game... you get a bell war.   Like the one I witnessed the other day between a 5 year old and a 7 year old:

They had just about got the bit about only being able to do it once during the journey.  Mum promised hte 5 year old she could press the bell when they were ready to get off.  The 7 year old then pressed the button about 30 seconds earlier than you would normally so He got to do it instead.  The five year old then screamed, hit her brother and started whining at Mum and the 7 year old started kicking the 5 year old and shouting at Mum about the 5 year old being a whiny little brat and hurting him...  Mum eventually drags the two of them of the bus whilst trying to wheel the pushchair containing the 18 month old younger sibling as well.  Ta Da: welcome to hell!!!
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